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My practice is dedicated to enhancing the health and performance of the brain. Cognitive fitness has many definitions depending on our stage in life, circumstances, illness, injury or other factors. We can all reach our maximum potential by expanding our cognitive function levels. Cognitive fitness is similar to physical fitness, in that we can work on and improve our cognitive abilities using many different approaches.

One such approach is Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback). This technique allows individuals to alter their own brainwaves through operant conditioning which increases brain plasticity, increasing flexibility and healing. Neurofeedback can help control mood disorders like anxiety and depression, or problems with the central nervous system like specific learning disabilities or ADHD, autism or Aspergers, conduct disorder, sleep problems, epilepsy, or the many forms of cognitive dysfunction resulting from head trauma, stroke, or aging. This type of therapy also helps patients undergoing cancer treatment by reducing stress, pain, nausea, and enhancing immunity. "Chemobrain" often occurs after cancer treatment, and can be remediated with neurofeedback techniques that enhance attention and working memory.

Neurofeedback is also currently being used to enhance performance levels in executives, athletes, artists and musicians. Peak performance training allows individuals to improve on their existing level of cognitive function. Through neurofeedback therapy the brain becomes stronger, more efficient and more resistant to everyday stressors. This greater mental efficiency results in better focus, less distractibility, more flexibility and emotional stability. We can increase our cognitive fitness by undergoing a program of neurofeedback training.

As well as Neurofeedback and counseling, I offer other therapies and assessments which are described in more detail here on this website.